Why We Want Real Health Care Reform

We're not self-righteous do-gooders who defend government-industry sweetheart deals because we'd do anything to prove how much we care about "the poor" at the expense of everybody else who's working to make better lives for their families --that's the lie the rightists tell about us.

We're for a health care plan that works for 99% of us. The last thing we'd try to do is use the government to elevate our own moral splendor by telling middle class people in a perpetually 7+% unemployment economy to suck it up so we can help everyone but them. That's a Bill O'Reilly caricature, not us.

We're for fixing this thing so that nobody gets told "sorry, you're not the people we're trying to help", so that no ordinary folks are left to "sacrifice for the greater good" of people they don't know. Everybody gets a fair deal, nobody is left out; that's what we're trying to do.

What are they trying to accomplish? Let the rightists talk about how they believe some people are more worthy of fairness than others. Let the rightists talk that un-American crap about us all not being on the same team.
I've been living in New York City since before 9/11 happened, and when I was standing in a line of thousands my fellow Americans outside of a hospital to give blood that day, I didn't hear anybody say a word about how they weren't going to donate to people who somehow didn't "deserve it." I didn't hear anybody tell us we needed a plan to means-test the injured on the floor of that hospital, so that only the "neediest among us" got care, either.  That's what it means to be an American, at least to us. Everybody benefits, nobody is treated unfairly.

Movement liberals are for making the PPACA work for every American, not pitting middle class people's interests against poor people's interests.
FOX's inevitable message of divisiveness can't work in the long run, if we're just honest about who we are, and what we're for.