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Mar 23, 2014 - Political satirist Culture of Truth bases The Bobblespeak Translations on the Sunday Talk Shows:  Meet the Press and This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Using show transcripts, he creates the 'most ridiculous moment' for Virtually Speaking Sundays. We create a separate podcast and post the copy here.  Follow @Bobblespeak

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It's time for March madness, but on the Sunday shows, madness comes every month of the year.

On the missing Malaysian airlines flight, Bob Hager and Michael Chertoff said we need to “investigate the private lives of the cockpit crew” and “one of the key issues will be what do they find in the background of the pilots.”

Rich Lowry surprised even David Gregory by insisting Obamacare can be repealed in 2017, while the President of the NCAA came on talk about the great reforms the NCAA would love to implement if only they didn't oppose them.

NCAA President Mark Emmert said, if a young man or a young woman with all the expenses they have, legitimate expenses as a student athlete, including this so-called stipend, that extra amount of money, “I think that makes great sense and I think it'd be very valuable to the students”... on more education he said “provide them with a commitment for a lifelong education, at least to finish that Bachelor's degree, they want to come back and finish? Great. Let them come back and finish. I think that's terrific.”

And “Making sure that they have all the resources available to be successful so that they're set up for the rest of their life. That's what we want.”

All well and good, but the NCAA doesn't actually do any of those things.

On Ukraine, it's all about who's tougher, American or Vladimir Putin!

On This Week, Martha Raddatz spent several minutes reminiscing about the Cold War, while speaking over a clip of the movie "The Hunt for Red October," she said, “For decades and decades, it was the stuff of nightmares. Both imagined and real. East versus West. Good versus evil. Spy versus spy.”

On Meet the Press, Gregory asked Representative Mike Rogers, about Vladmir Putin, “Do you think President Obama has done enough to stop him?” Rogers didn't take the bait, but said quote “we have to take a tough stand with our European partners.”

Andrea Mitchell agreed, saying “the weak link here is Angela Merkel, the Germans, and the rest of the Europeans, who are reluctant to take tough steps. They've been remarkably weak.”  While, David Brooks helpfully observed “you don't go invading other countries”

Rogers wants to send noncombatant-military aid, while noted military affairs expert Rich Lowry wants to send Ukraine weapons, and quote “sanctions that really inflict severe pain.”

Gregory is worried about America's image, asking “What does it take for the U.S. to singularly use its influence today as opposed to in earlier years?”

Things got really strange when Gregory reduced the situation in Ukraine to a fight between the United States of American and Vladimir Putin, and turned to America's foremost expert in foreign and military issues, David Brooks.

He asked, “What does it take for the U.S. to regain the upper hand in this fight with Vladimir Putin, David Brooks?”

Brooks: “Fear. I think President Obama has been quite good, quite aggressive. He's been out front with sanctions. The sanctions are beginning to hurt. But there are two things the sanctions are never going to do."

“One is overcome the Russian mentality. They're thinking, "We handled Stalingrad. We had people starving in the streets and we still won. So we can endure a little economic suffering. Second, the psychology of fear. Who do you fear? I think the president has been very aggressive, predictable, especially given our alliances. But does Vladimir Putin fear Barack Obama?"

“And to create that climate of fear, you have to do something really aggressive. Something that will put Putin back on his heels. And frankly, I think if this thing continues to escalate, I can give you an idea of arming Ukraine, giving them some actual weapons to have a good, deterrent effect, is someplace to get ahead.”

So in a situation involving national, ethnic and tribal identity, self-determination, international law, trade, control of resources, corruption in government, use of force, and sovereignty, the best minds of the Sunday talk shows believe the the answer lies in being tough, inflicting hurt, severe pain, suffering, and fear, and for the nation and the President to use the psychology of fear and to be really aggressive to create a climate of fear.

And that's the most ridiculous thing that's happened this Sunday.