Culture of Truth: Even the Liberal ....

April 6, 2014 - Political satirist Culture of Truth bases The Bobblespeak Translations on the Sunday Talk Shows:  Meet the Press and This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Using show transcripts, he creates the 'most ridiculous moment' for Virtually Speaking Sundays. We create a separate podcast and post the copy here.  Follow @Bobblespeak

Hi, I'm Culture of Truth,


Today the Sunday shows opened up with breaking news – searchers, may or may not, have found possible evidence of the missing plane.


On Meet The Press, shifting to a discussion of the most recent mass shooting at Fort Hood, Admiral Mullen explained in the thirteenth year of war soldiers find dealing with personal and financial problems at home as difficult as combat.


David Gregory asked Mullen why military bases don't have better security, and if the answer to shootings on bases is more guns. Mullen disagreed; Gregory then asked if militant Islamists will take over Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Gregory then had on Shaun McCutcheon, the prevailing plaintiff in the recent Supreme Court decision eliminating aggregate limits on campaign contributions, who explained the decision was a victory for free speech. When Gregory asked if such contributions do not lead to corruption and a potential quid pro quo with the donor and candidate, he insisted it's about “we the people.”


Later, Meet The Press reporter Kevin Tibbles visited a town of 50 people in Nebraska, and discovered that the Keystone Pipeline would revive the fortunes of the town, by bringing in new customers and allowing the local bar to buy a new air conditioner.


Michael Lewis came on to explain the solution the high speed trading on Wall Street, which will probably lead to another financial crisis, is not more regulation, no doubt to everyone's relief.


But it was the Meet The Press panel, as usual, that provided the most absurd moments. The “expert” panel consisted of conservative John Sununu, conservative Kathleen Parker, the founder of AOL, Steve Case, and pretend-liberal Harold Ford.


Addressing Obamacare reaching its goal of over 7 million signups, the Meet The Press panel of course declared it a total failure. Gregory played an ad by Americans for Prosperity, and Sununu announced that Obamacare had spent $2 trillion to reduce uninsured by 3%. Parker said it the law was a disaster, and even the liberal Harold Ford agreed, saying Obama should not be doing a victory lap, because frankly his friends John and Kathleen raised legitimate questions that need to be answered.


On the Supreme Court decision, Steve Case said social media now makes money in politics irrelevant, Sununu said each person gets one vote, so money in politics is unimportant, Kathleen Parker said people are free to ignore ads on television so money in politics doesn't matter, and even the liberal Harold Ford agreed, saying the court decision is “a positive thing” because it empowers candidates, shocking everyone by saying that on this particular issue, he disagrees with “his Democratic friends” .


On the Keystone Pipeline, David Gregory observed that once you leave the snobbish elite enclave of Washington DC, you learn that people don't care about environmental regulations. He then asked Post columnist Parker to tell us all about regular Americans. She said Barack Obama should adopt this town, approve the pipeline, and “watch that city blossom like a desert flower.”


Even the liberal Harold Ford agreed, practically calling the President a liar for not already approving the pipeline, insisting the pipeline would affect climate change, saying the economics in favor of approving “are clear,” as for safety, well there are thousands of miles of pipeline all across the country, so what's a few more.


So, today on the Meet the Press we learned Obamacare is still definitely a failure, and a disaster; more money in politics is empowering, but because of Twitter and Facebook, candidates don't need money anymore anyway; and middle America wants a pipeline to run right through it, and it will revive tiny towns all across the land... and we know all this must be true, because even the liberal Harold Ford agrees.


And that's the most ridiculous thing that happened this Sunday.