Culture of Truth: Brain Damage



May 18, 2014 – Political satirist Culture of Truth bases The Bobblespeak Translations on Meet the Press and This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Using show transcripts, he creates the 'most ridiculous moment' for Virtually Speaking Sundays.


Hi, I'm Culture of Truth,

It was another fun week for the Sunday talk shows, and the topic of the week was Hillary's brain, brought up by Karl Rove, known also as Bush's brain.

ABCs' This Week assembled an all-star panel of Bill Kristol, Jennifer Granholm, Keith Ellison and Peggy Noonan, spending most of their time discussing Karl Rove's accusation that Hillary Clinton has a brain trauma which might prevent her from competently performing the duties of the office of the President, which is somewhat ironic coming from the man who put George W. Bush in the Oval Office.


On Meet The Press, David Gregory opened up with Reince Priebus, and repeated asked him whether Hillary Clinton has “suffered some sort of brain injury that raises legitimate questions about whether she's healthy to serve as commander-in-chief?” Priebus replied: “I'm not a doctor.”


On the possibility of Clinton running, Priebus said, “Benghazi shouldn't be swept under the rug, four diplomats had died. Boko Haram, these people have over 200 girls in Nigeria. The Syria issue, the Russian”


Priebus concluded by saying: “I actually doubt very much whether she actually will run for president in 2016,” and “She's causing us to talk about her today.”


Speaking with Senator Claire McCaskill, Gregory mentioned Benghazi and Hillary Clinton's alleged head injury, and asked “Should she do more to be completely transparent?”


He then confronted McCaskill with the fact that she endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 when she could have endorsed Clinton, saying “And yet now, you were one of the first people to endorse her. What has changed over this arc of time that makes her so formidable in your mind now, when she wasn't before?”


Discussing Jill Abramson and women in the workplace, Carly Fiorina assured us the real problem is “When liberals use women as a political cudgel, when they basically say, "If you don't support our liberal orthodoxy on all these issues, you're waging a war on women," that's disrespectful to women.”


In a continuing series, Meet the Press sent Kevin Tibbles to the American heartland to find out what regular Americans are thinking. Tibbles landed in Kentucky, where he understandably headed straight for the nearest Bourbon distillery.


Landing an interview with noted Ed Snowden whisperer Glen Greenwald, for some reason the show decided to experiment with only asking questions from social media. Can questions from random people off the Internet be any worse than those from beltway pundits? There's only one way to find out.


Questions included, "How much are activists, humanitarians, or those outspoken about government policies, targeted, and how?"


Another questioner compared Ed Snowden to Daniel Ellsberg, asking “How are we supposed to see Snowden in the same light? He ran like a coward, and Ellsberg showed great courage and stayed in the country.”


Two other social media questions: "What is his response to critics who call him a traitor for helping Snowden?" and "How does he feel about making the U.S. a sitting duck to our enemies?" Final question was “ask him what is the chance we can get legislation to stop decades of the abusive application of the states' secrets privilege?”


But the most absurd moments came during the roundtable discussion, with

Chuck Todd, Carolyn Ryan form The New York Times, Blanche Lincoln, and noted conservative doctor Ben Carson. Gregory kicked off by asking the retired neurosurgeon to predict the midterms.


“We've been talking about the midterms. Doctor, I'll start with you. What's going to define what this race actually comes down to? Are we going to battle about health care, immigration? Or is it really just about President Obama?”


Carson said “As I've been traveling around the country, what I've discovered is that people recognize that this is a pivotal election.” Even Gregory laughed out loud, saying “Do we ever cover elections that aren't pivotal moments for our country, though?”


Carson continued though, explaining that “what is at stake is what kind of place is America going to be? Are we truly an exceptional nation with different core values than the rest of the world? Is that what led us to the pinnacle position in the world? Are we a nation that's for, of, and by the people? Or are we for, of and by the government? That's what this election's about.”


Gregory, of course, took this to be about Obama's manhood, saying “what's interesting about that, Chuck, is that it does get to this larger thing about has Obama weakened America, here at home or abroad.” Carolyn Ryan observed that the White House is weak and Hillary is pulling all the energy out of it.


Gregory then showed a clip of Carson saying “You know, Obamacare is really, I think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. And it is, in a way, it is slavery, in a way. Because it is making all of us subservient to the government. And it was never about health care, it was about control.”


On the show, Carson clarified saying “In a way, anything is slavery that robs you of your ability to control your own life. And when you take the most important thing that you have, which is your health care, and you put that in the hands of government bureaucrats, I think you have done the wrong thing.”


Continuing on these lines, he said “And as I was about to say, you go back and you look at the neo-Marxist literature, and look at what they say. You don't have to listen to what I say about taking control of health care of a populace and making the people dependent. This is not what America is about. Do I believe in health care for everybody? Absolutely. But I think there are much better ways to get there, which is: leave the care in the hands of patients and of doctors.”


So, given a chance to speak with the reporter behind the NSA stories, we get mostly meaningless questions pulled from social media with no follow up, a discussion on women's equally devolves into bashing liberals, the Sunday shows bring in journalists and politicians to ask about the retired Sec of State's head injury, and when they finally do get to speak with a real life brain doctor, they ask him about the mid-term elections and about how Obamacare is slavery, and a neo-Marxist plot to take control of the population.


And that's the most ridiculous thing that happened this Sunday.