Culture of Truth: Small Wars

July 27, 2014 – Political satirist Culture of Truth bases The Bobblespeak Translations on Meet the Press and This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Using show transcripts, he creates the 'most ridiculous moment' for Virtually Speaking Sundays. Excerpted from July 27 Virtually Speaking Sundays with digby and Gaius Publius.

Hi, I'm Culture of Truth,

If you're a grumpy conservative, it was a good day for you on the Sunday Talk shows.

ABC's This Week was in full panic mode, wondering if flying is no longer safe, and if passenger planes should have missile defense systems, even though that would not have helped Malaysian Flight 17.

All of Jon Karl's guests, even Fran Townsend, thought that's unnecessary, and instead she tried to blame Obama for the crash in Ukraine.

She then called temporarily halting flights to Tel Aviv ridiculous, saying that it “sent a very bad signal,” to the bad guys, that they quote “have some control over the environment” and that “they've got you scared.” She then warned that battle-hardened terrorists are coming to the United States and “we ought to be concerned.”

Host Jon Karl is also afraid of shoulder fired rockets, saying “you have this image of terrorists out kind of taking target practice.” On the show Karl twice used the phrase “it's frightening.”

On Meet The Press, Richard Engel visited the previously most crowded neighborhood in Gaza, now reduced to rubble, while David Gregory interviewed Benjamin Netanyahu. The prime minister said UN schools are a legitimate military target, but then said the recent attack “may have been Hamas rocket fire.”

He then spoke with a UN official who informed Gregory that a few minutes before, the main UN compound in Gaza had been hit by a bomb. Gregory then confronted the official with a grainy black and white video he couldn't see, which Gregory said could not be verified, but was “posted on YouTube,” and asked him “Is this accurate?”

Chuck Schumer said, on Putin, “What I learned in Brooklyn, you show a bully weakness, they take further advantage. You show them strength, they back off.” He then said Europe should not be like 1938 Europe, and proposed getting tough with Putin by taking the World Cup away from Russia.

For this week's visit to Real America, Kevin Tibbles went to Vermont to learn if Canada's health care system is leaking across the border liked a socialist maple syrup. On the possibility of state provided health care, one Vermonter said “I'm frightened by it,” and feared that if Vermont gives everyone in the state free health care, “Everybody's going to move out.”

But the most ridiculous moments came during the panel discussion by the Beltway pundits, who apparently really need you to get off their lawn.

On marijuana legalization, we got a “didn't inhale” joke, while David Brooks came about against legalization, saying “I just don't think it's the way we want to spend our minds.”

Brooks also disdained our current culture “where everyone should do what they want” but said to “to me, there's some role in government playing some role in restraining some individual choice just to create a culture of healthiness.”

Ruth Marcus said, “I'm with David,” for “mommy reasons” and argued that marijuana costs IQ points, and seemed to suggest banning alcohol and tobacco as well. Judy Woodruff, concurring, said “it's a fascinating that the two of you are agreeing.” David Gregory accidentally gave the game away by saying “Well, they're both so conservative.”

Gregory then complained that the US isn't influencing events in the world enough, expressed astonishment that Chuck Schumer doesn't want to fight a war with Russia, and called Obama weak, as he does every Sunday.

David Brooks then explained that after WWII we had an American-led order “which involved small wars every seven or eight years, but it kept the wolves at bay,” and “you just get a lot more disorder unless you get that constant, affirmative pressure.”

So we have a Bush administration official telling us not to react to rocket attacks because it sends a bad signal, marijuana shouldn't be legal because kids can easily get alcohol, and in order to maintain world peace we need to fight a small war every seven years.

And that's the most ridiculous thing that happened this Sunday.