Virtually Speaking Counterpoints, offers four hosts, who, every Tuesday, will bring you reports you won't find in traditional media outlets, on line or off


First Tuesday of the Month:

Stuart Zechman — Movement liberal, entrepreneur, technologist and public commentary organizer at legacy media political blogs such as TIME Magazine's Swampland; He uses Twitter as a primary communications tool and posts on occasion at Avedon’s Other Weblog and Yves Smith’s Naked Capitalism. • Follow @stuart_zechman

Second Tuesday: 

Cliff Schecter — nationally syndicated columnist and political commentator — writes for Al Jazeera English and appears weekly on Take Action News w/ David Shuster and The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder. The author of the 2008 Bestseller "The Real McCain,"  Cliff is co-founder and part owner of Washington DC's independent progressive radio station, We Act Radio, 1480AM. Find his firm at www.libertasllc.com and his site at cliffschecter.com Follow @cliffschecter

Third Tuesday:

Gaius Publius — Professional writer of stories, poems, and books on education & technology. Frequent writer and Contributing Editor at AMERICAblog.com. Occasional guest on Ring of Fire Radio, The Matt Filipowicz Show and other venues. Follow @Gaius_Publius.

Fourth Tuesday:

Nicole Belle – Senior Editor for Crooks and Liars. Mom, Media Critic/Political Analyst, Blogger, Freelance Editor, Austen Fanatic, Unapologetic Liberal.