Jennifer Ouellette & Ray Jayawardhana: Hunting Neutrinos

Jennifer Ouellette & Ray Jayawardhana: Hunting Neutrinos april 9, 2014 –

Jennifer Ouellette talks with astronomer Ray Jayawardhana, author of “The Neutrino Hunters”  about why these ghost particles are so endlessly fascinating to physicists, and why the Higgs boson is soooo 2012.

Alan Boyle & Michio Kaku: Primordial gravity waves ... and the brain

April 2, 2014 – Theoretical Physicist & Futurist Michio Kaku explores the frontier of neuroscience in "The Future of the Mind." Kaku and Alan Boyle discuss brain science as well as the latest news about the inflationary Big Bang and other mysteries of the cosmos. Tweet questions to @B0yle @MichioKaku

Jennifer Ouellette & Amanda Gefter: Trespassing on Einstein’s Lawn

March 19, 2014 – Jennifer Ouellette hosts physics science writer Amanda Gefter. They compare notes on writing about physics as non-specialists ; then talk about Amanda's new book “Trespassing on Einstein’s Lawn.” Follow @AmandaGefter @JenLucPiquant

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