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March 16, 2014 – David Dayen consider Dianne Feinstein, the Senate and the CIA: a Constitutional crisis. Then the Progressive Caucus Budget and the politics of income redistribution. Plus political satire from Culture of Truth. Jay Ackroyd moderates.

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David Dayen writes about state and national economics, banking and mortgage fraud. Since 2004, his work has been cited by the LA Times, the New York Times and the Washington Post and he has been a guest on NPR, Pacifica Radio and Air America. • Follow @DDayen

Stuart Zechman — Movement liberal, entrepreneur, technologist and public commentary organizer at legacy media political blogs such as TIME Magazine's Swampland; He uses Twitter as a primary communications tool and posts on occasion at Avedon’s Other Weblog and Yves Smith’s Naked Capitalism. • Follow @stuart_zechman