Isaac Martin • Rich People's Movements • VS with Jay Ackroyd

March 6, 2014 – Jay talks with Isaac Martin; sociologist and author of Rich People's Movements: Grassroots Campaigns to Untax the One Percent. One of a series of conversations exploring wealth, privilege and corruption with Jay Ackroyd.

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"Professor Martin's contributions to fiscal sociology include several historical and comparative studies of tax protest. His book The Permanent Tax Revolt (Stanford, 2008) has been described as 'the definitive history of the property tax revolt,' and as 'a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the true origins of the fiscal crisis of the United States.'

He also edited After the Tax Revolt (with Jack Citrin; Berkeley Public Policy Press, 2009), which assembled experts to examine the legacy of California's property tax limitation, and The New Fiscal Sociology (with Ajay K. Mehrotra and Monica Prasad; Cambridge, 2009), which brought together leading scholars of public finance and society to offer a definitive overview of the field."