June Carbone & Naomi Cahn • Marriage Markets & Inequality

Naomi Cahn, Professor of Law, George Washington University, and June Carbone, Professor of Law, University of Missouri-Kansas City, authors of Marriage Markets: How Inequality is Remaking the American Family, talk with Jay Ackroyd about the economics of family life, children, marriage, and social structure. Listen.

As the co-authors of Red Families v. Blue Families, we often give talks about the recent rise in what’s called the “nonmarital birthrate,” or the idea that more than 40 percent of children are now born to women who aren’t married. Sometimes at our talks someone will come up to us, confess his or her encounter with single parenthood, and say something like: “When my daughter got pregnant and decided to keep the child, we were OK with that because we are Christians. When she decided not to marry the father, we were relieved because we knew he would be bad for her and the marriage would never work.”


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