RJ Eskow & Stuart Zechman • VS Sundays

Dec 1, 2013 Political & social commentators Richard Eskow &  Stuart Zechman offer a counter point to the Sunday morning talk shows. Questions from a digitally present studio audience. Follow @RJEskow @Stuart_Zechman @Bobblespeak

Topix & Homework



1. What needs to happen in order to make a working health care system – for 99% of us – out of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)? This and this from Stuart.
2. Response to commentary from political satirist Culture of Truth.
3. Minimum wage wave, the Walmart strikes, and the future of the workers movement.

Richard (RJ) Eskow – Freelance writer, Senior Fellow with Campaign for America's Future; host The Breakdown for We Act Radio; former Wall Street executive and advisor to US State Department, World Bank, foundations and private corporations on social policy, particularly in Central and Eastern European countries re healthcare, social welfare, and technology during their emergence from Communism.

With experience in financial and numerical analysis (of benefit plans, financial risk, corporate investments), systems design, and management, Richard writes about health care, benefits, and risk management, finance, information technology.

Stuart Zechman — Movement liberal, entrepreneur, technologist and public commentary organizer at legacy media political blogs such as TIME Magazine's Swampland; He uses Twitter as a primary communications tool and posts on occasion at Avedon’s Other Weblog, Yves Smith’s Naked Capitalism and VS Blog.