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This week political & social commentators Dave Dayen & Gaius Publius discuss the Serious People's recent discovery of income inequality in America; the likely demise of public pensions; and the risk from Fukushima and the implications for Western neoliberalism.


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Homework from Gaius Publius

income inequality




Guardian (and others) on the new State Secrets law passed this week:

Very high radiation discovered outside the reactor buildings:

BBC: Work at Fukushima Unit 4 a “distraction”; The “real nightmare” is coming from 3 molten cores — NYTimes: Melted fuel is “all over the place… First goal is simply to stop uncontrolled releases of radioactive material” (AUDIO):


Homework from David Dayen

Robbing Illinois's Public Employees: http://prospect.org/article/robbing-illinoiss-public-employees

David Cay Johnston


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David Dayen writes about state and national issues for Slate.com. Since 2004, his work has been cited by the LA Times, the New York Times and the Washington Post . David has been a guest on NPR, Pacifica Radio and Air America.