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March 23, 2014 – Marcy Wheeler and Jay Ackroyd talk sports, NCAA, unions, Obama dragnet reforms and Ron Wyden. No Culture of Truth.

This week Congressmen Mike Rogers (R-MI) and Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD) released the “End Bulk Collection Act of 2014”, which would end bulk collection of data related to electronic communications. 

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Marcy writes extensively about Obama dragnet reforms and Ron Wyden.

On universities, sports and unions


On Sen. Ron Wyden (OR)


Marcy Wheeler — Investigative journalist, working primarily on national security and civil liberties, Marcy regularly breaks stories – on, The Next Hurrah, Firedoglake and The Guardian – related to use of illegal detention and interrogation by the US Government.  Anatomy of Deceit: How the Bush Administration Used the Media to Sell the Iraq War and Out a Spy is the definitive work on the Scooter Libby trial.

Jay Ackroyd produces Virtually Speaking, hosts Virtually Speaking with Jay Acroyd and moderates Virtually Speaking Sundays. He posts on Eschaton.

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