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May 4, 2014 – Net neutrality and citizen activism; Glenn Greenwald and Michael Hayden debate surveillance. Avedon Carol & Stuart Zechman offer a counterpoint to the Sunday morning talk shows. Culture of Truth satirizes the Sunday Morning talk shows. Jay Ackroyd moderates. 

Obama on Net Neutrality 2007

Munk Debate Glenn Greenwald, Michael Hayden


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John Nichols

Net Neutrality Will Be Saved Only If Citizens Raise an Outcry

Monk Debates

Avedon Carol — American ex-pat living in London — writes about American politics, captured media, captured gov't, censorship and health care on Avedon's Sideshow. With every post she includes a wealth of essential links.

Stuart Zechman — Movement liberal, entrepreneur, technologist and public commentary organizer at legacy media political blogs such as TIME Magazine's Swampland; He uses Twitter as a primary communications tool and posts on occasion at Avedon’s Other Weblog and Yves Smith’s Naked Capitalism.

The 2014 Virtually Speaking Media Panel: Avedon Carol, Cliff Schecter, David Dayen, Dave Johnson, David Waldman, digby, Gaius Publius, Joan McCarter, Marcy Wheeler, RJ Eskow, Stuart Zechman